What are the benefits of becoming an BL Creator? BL Creators allows for you to work with a team of skilled artists and designers to bring your merchandise to life! It is also an awesome way to connect with your fan base and expose yourself to people who may not know you just yet!

How do I know if I qualify as a creator? Are you a social media influencer, social media content creator, a visual artist, musician, podcaster or product model? Do you have a devoted fan base, a strong creative vision or both? Then you could qualify as an BL Creator! Oh, and you must be age 18 or older, and a legal resident of the U.S., Puerto Rico or Canada.

What if I don’t have a big social following? If you are a visual artist, illustrator, photographer, videographer, podcaster, social media content creator, musician, product model or any other creative type with a strong vision for a possible merch collab with us, we want you to apply! If you’re accepted on the strength of your creative style, we will take your personal brand to the next level together.

Promoting and Advertising

Will my merch be promoted on BoxLunch’s website? We may promote BL Creators’ merch in various ways based on the individual contracts agreed upon between parties. Different types of promotions range from custom-made homepage banners and custom-made banners on merch pages on, to email features and social media promotion. If the promotion of your merch aligns with BoxLunch’s overall marketing strategy at any given time, a more in-depth conversation will occur.


How do I upload my artwork? Once you become an BL Creator, we will work with you internally to receive your art.

I don’t have design ideas yet but have a robust social following. Can you help? Yes! It’s what we are here for. If accepted as an BL Creator, you’ll get to work with our best-in-class creative, merchandising, production and marketing teams to bring your merch ideas to life. A guide to the full process will be sent over and discussed once you’re part of the program.


How much can I expect to make? You will make a percentage based on the amount of units sold.

Intellectual Property

What is intellectual property and how does it affect my merch? Intellectual property rights protect individuals from the unauthorized use of their original content by others. Please ensure the designs you submit to the BL Creators program are your own or that you have documented permission to use material from others. BoxLunch does not condone the use of stolen material, and will immediately reject merch designs that violate Intellectual property rights.

What are some examples of protected material? You may face infringement charges if you use protected material which includes, but is not limited to: logos, images associated with companies, sports teams, brands, music labels, television shows, and films. Anything that is copyrighted, trademarked, patented or is considered a trade secret is considered intellectual property and is protected by intellectual property laws.

Customer Service

What if my fans have questions about their orders (such as shipping questions, etc.)? Our talented and dedicated Customer Service team works around the clock to answer any and all questions on the phone or via email and social media.

What is your return & exchange policy? The return & exchange policy on BL Creators merch is the same as it is for our general merch. Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges page for additional info.

Other Inquiries

For any other inquiries, contact us at

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