Frequently Asked Questions

What is BoxLunch Money?

BoxLunch Money is a coupon program designed to save you money at BoxLunch! You can earn a $20 in BoxLunch Money for every $40 you spend.

How do I earn BoxLunch Money?

BoxLunch Money can be earned with a qualifying purchase. Qualifying purchases do not include taxes, shipping, gift cards, or select products.

When can I earn BoxLunch Money?

BoxLunch Money is earned during specific earning periods online and in-store. The amount earned is based on the total amount of an eligible purchase, before discounts, taxes, and shipping.

When will I receive my BoxLunch Money?

BoxLunch Money will be issued to your account within 24 hours of your transaction. If a BoxLunch Money coupon is earned during the previous coupon redemption period, it will appear in your BoxLunch Rewards account up to 48 hours after that redemption period ends.

How will I receive my BoxLunch Money?

BoxLunch Rewards Members

BoxLunch Money will be issued directly into your rewards account for all in-store and online transactions. Log into your BoxLunch Rewards account to view all available BoxLunch Money.

Guest shoppers

In-store, a BoxLunch Associate will include any BoxLunch coupons earned with your purchase at the register. Online, your BoxLunch promo codes will be emailed at the beginning of the redemption period, to the email address used at checkout.

Is there a limit to how much BoxLunch Money I can earn within a period?

Yes, you can only earn up to 30 BoxLunch Money coupons per period.

How will I know when the BoxLunch Money redemption period starts?

We'll send you an email when it's time to spend. Sign up for emails here.

How do I redeem my BoxLunch Money?

Spend your BoxLunch Money during the specified redemption period. Each BoxLunch Money is valid on purchases of $30 or more.


Provide the BoxLunch Associate your BoxLunch Rewards information at the register. Let them know you’d like to use your BoxLunch Money. Not a member? Spend your BoxLunch Money by giving it to the associate at check out. There is no limit to how many BoxLunch Money coupons you can redeem in-store.


Log into your BoxLunch Rewards account and be sure activate your BoxLunch Money in by clicking “Activate”. Once you’re BoxLunch Money is activated proceed to checkout to apply. Not a member? Spend your BoxLunch Money online by entering the promo code on the back of your BoxLunch Money at check out.

How do I activate my BoxLunch Money?

An activation button will appear during the redemption period in your rewards page. Click 'Activate' for BoxLunch Money to appear in checkout.

Do I have to activate all of my BoxLunch Money?

Activation is required for each redemption period. You only have to activate once per period to redeem all of your BoxLunch Money.

Can I combine BoxLunch Money with other coupons?

Earning BoxLunch Money

BoxLunch Money can be earned even when applying other discounts and offers to your purchase.

Redeeming BoxLunch Money

BoxLunch Money is not combinable with other offers, promotional codes, or coupons.

Can I use BoxLunch Money on anything?

BoxLunch Money coupons are not valid toward prior purchases, gift cards, shipping, taxes, or select products.

I earned BoxLunch Money, but I don’t see it in checkout. What do I do?

Earning BoxLunch Money

BoxLunch Money will only appear in checkout when it is the redemption period and after you have activated it.

Redeeming BoxLunch Money

Go to your rewards page to activate your BoxLunch Money. After activating, you’ll be able to see your BoxLunch Money when you check out.

How many BoxLunch Money coupons can I redeem at one time?

For in-store transactions, use as many BoxLunch Money coupons, as you want as long as the total amount meets the requirement. Online, you can use up to ten (10) BoxLunch Money per transaction.

How often can I use my BoxLunch Money?

BoxLunch Money can only be used during specified redemption periods. Each BoxLunch Money can only be used once.

I am not going to use my BoxLunch Money; can I send it to another account?

No, BoxLunch Money cannot be gifted to another BoxLunch Rewards account.

What happens to my BoxLunch Money if I make a return?

BoxLunch Money cannot be returned. We will refund the amount you paid for the transaction, but you will not get your BoxLunch Money back.

Does my BoxLunch Money expire?

Yes, members can only use BoxLunch Money during specific redemption periods. If you do not use your BoxLunch Money during that time, the coupon will expire.