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Maleficent Clothes & Merchandise

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Maleficent Merchandise, Shirts & Gifts

Looking for the perfect merch addition to your Maleficent collection? Don't consult that wicked mirror, mirror on the wall — instead, check out BoxLunch's one-of-a-kind, exclusive Maleficent collection. Feeling curious, little beastie? Good — because to paraphrase the evil queen herself, your closet without Maleficent merch is so ugly, I almost feel sorry for it.

Take a look around your room, at your wardrobe, around your group of Maleficent-loving friends — do you spy any Maleficent merch? If not, you've come to the right place. The BoxLunch Maleficent collection is all about lining your closet with the devilishly magical Maleficent style, dousing your home in Disney, and paying homage to one of the most dangerously iconic — and dare we say misunderstood — villains in all of Disney storylines.

Whether you're looking to beat the icy chill of a winters' day with the Our Universe Disney Maleficent Dragon Flames Women's Hoodie (a BoxLunch exclusive) or pay your way into yet another showing of Maleficent by reaching for cash in your Loungefly Disney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Dragon Wallet (yet another BoxLunch exclusive), there's something in this collection for every Maleficent fan.

From T-shirts to Maleficent horn-shaped crossbody bags to home décor you can't help but display, show everyone who really runs the castle with your Maleficent merch, apparel, and accessories.