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  • Encanto Merchandise, Shirts, Figures, Gifts & More

    Even in our darkest moments, there's light where you least expect it–Disney Encanto lovers, consider this your light.

    Not super strong like Luisa? Not really effortlessly perfect like Isabela? No sweat, just like Mirabel discovers in Disney's Encanto, there's a place for you in this world–and there's def a place for you here at BoxLunch, too.

    Meet the BoxLunch Disney Encanto Collection, a one-stop-dang-this-feels-magical shop that's filled to the rafters with the must-have magical merch you're bound to flip for if you're a Disney Encanto fan.

    From merch and fan-faves to apparel, accessories, home décor, collectibles, and so much more, this Disney Encanto collection is stockpiled with the Disney Encanto things you love.

    Looking for a subtle way to scream about your Disney Encanto obsession? Our Disney Encanto Floral Scrunchy Set, Danielle Nicole Disney Encanto Madrigal Home Crossbody Bag, and our Disney Encanto Houses Pint Glass (all BoxLunch exclusives, BTW) all sound like the perfect-for-you snags.

    Want a magical refresh in your wardrobe? That sounds like a job for our Disney Encanto apparel. Fill your online cart with magic-worthy faves like our Disney Encanto Luisa T-shirt, our Disney Encanto Cultivate Kindness Hoodie, or our Disney Encanto Family Panels Tank Top.

    The best part of this magical collection? There's no need to keep it all to yourself. Share your Madrigal collection with your closest Encanto-loving pals, too! Whether you need the perfect Disney Encanto gift for a family member (like our Disney Encanto Sisters T-shirt) or your closest Disney Encanto buddy (like our Disney Encanto Home Sweatshirt), this is the must-shop magical shop for you.