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You've heard of letting your freak flag fly, sure, but what about your inner red panda? Yep, we're most def referencing Disney Pixar's Turning Red, a one-of-a-kind movie that's all about accepting yourself and your changes as you grow up and, well, into a red panda like Meilin Lee.

Ok, Ok, that's not super relatable, but if you're anything like Mei Mei, you know a thing or two about big changes - so, mystical connection to red panda lineage or not, you can probably relate, right?

Disney Pixar fans, meet the Hot Topic Disney Pixar Turning Red Collection, a one-stop-shop and totally unique collection dedicated to all things Turning Red. Why are we springing this selection on you now? Because to paraphrase Mei Mei, we know it's a lot, but we don't got time to mess around.

Want to start your Turning Red shopping spree ASAP (before you turn back into a red panda, perhaps)? We got you covered. Make sure you check out collection faves like our Disney Pixar, Turning Red Mei the Red Panda Ombre Crewneck, our Disney Pixar Turning Red Panda Mei Figural Coin Purse, and our Disney Pixar Turning Red Ming's Red Panda Pendant Necklace.

The best part about those selections (and so many more in the collection)? They're as one-of-a-kind as you and Mei Mei are. Yep, they're BoxLunch exclusives - so you can't find them anywhere else!

So, stop skimming this section and start scrolling the collection; your Disney Pixar Turning Red merch is waiting for you!