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Little Mermaid Merchandise, Decorations & Accessories 

Wait–you’re telling us that you don’t have a huge collection of all things the Little Mermaid? You poor unfortunate soul. The seaweed seems greener for Disney fans with Little Mermaid merch–and that’s because it is. Want some good news? You’ve found the greenest seaweed out there in BoxLunch’s Little Mermaid collection. Whether you’ve been an OG fan since Disney’s first animated film or you’re just now hopping on the LM bandwagon with the new live-action movie, we’re glad you’re here. Our collection of all things the Little Mermaid merch, collectibles, accessories, gifts, and so much more is the best–from the bottom of the ocean to the sandy beach. 

We didn’t need any tridents (courtesy of King Triton) to put this out-of-the-sea collection together–this one is all us. And it’s filled with all the gadgets and gizmos aplenty as well as all the who-zits and what-zits galore you could want! We’ve got every thingamabob you could possibly want (like, pages and pages–so, more than 20). Want a peek at some of our Ariel-approved merch? Go ahead–take a scroll through the selection to find your all-time faves! No need to visit a sea witch to snatch up the Little Mermaid merch you can’t live without–we’ve got you covered with our Little Mermaid collection. 

Want to know the best thing about our Little Mermaid shop? It’s filled with BoxLunch-exclusive items you can't find anywhere else. That means once you spy a must-have item through the sea glass, it’s time to snatch it up (before another Little Mermaid fan does)!  So, watcha waitin’ for? You’re no guppy! Shop the BoxLunch Little Mermaid collection ASAP to get your fins on the perfect merch for Disney diehards like yourselves.