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Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Merchandise, Gifts, and Shirts

Seeking something ghoulish and ghostly? Seek no further. We have to warn you–entering this collection could alter your life forever. But hey, if you ain’t afraid of a couple of ghosts, then enter at your own risk. Spooky fans, we welcome you to the Haunted Mansion collection–BoxLunch’s one-stop-shop of all things ghoulish and ghosty and, well, haunted, of course. Whether you’ve been a fan since the OG film in 2003, love the Disney ride, or can’t wait to watch the 2023 flick, our merch, shirts, apparel, accessories, home decor, and more have the Haunted Mansion written all over it. 

Been on the hunt for Haunted Mansion merch to no avail? You know what Madame Leota says. You try. You fail. You try. You fail. The only true failure is when you stop trying. Thank goodness you found this collection before you gave up altogether, right? Whether you’re seeking some Haunted Mansion merch to wear day in and day out or something special for your repeated viewing of the Haunted Mansion films, we’ve got you (and your spooky fandom) more than covered. Pop in, grab a must-have piece of merch, and don’t forget ghoulish gifts for your fellow fans and friends, too. 

The best part about this Haunted Mansion collection? It’s scary how many one-of-a-kind items we’ve got up our sleeves. Just like every other BoxLunch collection, this one is filled with BoxLunch exclusives–AKA, items you simply can’t find anywhere else! So, when you spy a must-have piece of Mansion merch in here, you might want to gobble it up for your own haunted (or, you know, your not haunted) home. 

Don’t fret, Disney fans–this isn’t the beginning and the end of our Disney-first merch. Peek into our Disney shop for total access to all our Disney goodness–we’re talkin’ shirts, gear, apparel, accessories, home decor, collectibles, and so much more!