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Disney Tangled Apparel, Merchandise, Gifts, and Figures

Looking for the ultimate collection of all things Tangled? Honey, we've got everything you need right here, right now–no fancy, handsome prince required. Rapunzel can keep her long hair at the top of the tower, you won't need it to gain access to this best-of-the-best Tangled selection that you're sure to flip for (seriously, you will–start scrolling now if you don't believe us).

This collection is the one-size-fits-all key you need to unlock the Tangled-less tower you've been trapped in. In other words, meet your Tangled paradise in the form of BoxLunch's Tangled Collection–a one-stop-shop that's filled to the brim with every piece of Tangled apparel, merch, fan-favorite, home décor, collectible, and more that you could ever want or need (yep, we said need–we get where you're coming from, we're Tangled fans, too).

Shop our Tangled collection for BoxLunch exclusive merch that you can't find anywhere else (spoiler alert, that's why it's called exclusive!). From our Loungefly Disney Tangled Lanterns Light-Up Mini Backpack and our Disney Tangled Flynn Rider Dream Couples T-Shirt to our Funko Pop! Disney Tangled Rapunzel with Lantern Vinyl Figure and our Our Universe Disney Tangled Pascal Button-Front Floral Dress, you'll certainly be hard-pressed to find another collection that's this full of one-of-a-kind pieces!

Our collection is full of the everyday apparel you'll want to add to your wardrobe (like the Our Universe Disney Tangled Light My Own Way Crewneck in our collection) to much-needed accessories that'll make your life easier and more stylish (we're looking at you, Disney Tangled Lantern Glitter Water Bottle), our selection s filled with the gotta-have-'em Tangled stuff you'll be dying to add to your own personal collection.

So, what are you waiting for? A handsome prince? Start scrolling and start shopping to get your hands on the Tangled things you need!