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The Lord Of The Rings

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  • Lord of the Rings Hoodies, Shirts, Decor, Figures, Gifts, and more Merchandise

    We may not have one ring to rule them all, but we definitely have the one collection that does. LOTR fanatics, we've got good news - like, the ring finally got destroyed in the fires of Mordor-level good news (yeah, it's that serious).

    If you're as obsessed with Middle Earth as we are, then you're bound to hop on a table at the Prancing Pony and sing a pub song with your fellow hobbits when you hear this - we've got the ultimate Lord of the Rings Collection right here waiting for you.

    Whether you're an OG fan who can't get enough of the Tolkien books or you're just like, very into the movies (extended version only, duh), this collection was created specifically for LOTR superfans like you.

    The good news? You don't need to slink around seeking out the ultimate collection of LOTR fan faves anymore (resist your inner Gollum, OK). Now, you can shop this collection right here, right now at BoxLunch. No matter your favorite character, from Gandalf and Sauron to Aragorn and Bilbo Baggins, there's sure to be something to meet your fancy.

    From apparel that's sure to please even the fanciest of elves (like our Lord of the Rings Leaves of Lorien Ring Verse Crewneck or our Lord of the Rings Eye of Sauron Woven Button-Up, both BoxLunch exclusives, by the way) or trinkets to fascinate all of the trolls in your life (like our Lord of the Rings Legolas Chibi Pin or our Diamond Select Toys The Lord of the Rings Deluxe Action Figure Gimli Set), there's a little something for every LOTR lover in this collection.