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    Jurassic Park Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Backpacks, Shirts & Merch

    An adventure 65 million years in the making only matters if you’ve got the merch to rep it—and, yeah, Jurassic Park fans, that’s where we come in.

    Welcome to Jurassic Park—err, rather, welcome to the Jurassic Park collection, a selection of must-have Jurassic Park merch, apparel, home goods, and more that fans like you have been waiting an eternity for (maybe not actually 65 million years, but you get the point).

    Dr. Malcolm might think we lack dominion over nature, but we definitely don’t lack dominion over this epic collection. Racing toward the extinction of our species is a problem, but racing toward the BoxLunch Jurassic Park collection is the solution (well, in our eyes, anyway).

    This collection is something real. Something you can touch. And, more importantly, something you can buy to bring your Jurassic Park love to life. Want a preview of what this wild collection has to offer? Start your scrolling adventure ASAP. Peep collection faves like our Funko Mystery Mini Jurassic World Dominion Blind Box Vinyl Figure, our Jurassic World Dominion UNO Card Game, our Jurassic World Clever Girl Crewneck, or even our Jurassic World T-Rex Gate Enamel Pin.

    Whether you’ve been an OG fan since the first “clever girl” line or you’re just getting into the series watching Chris Pratt wrangle dinos, there’s a must-have piece of merch just waiting for you in this collection. The best part? BoxLunch has a ton of BL exclusive items you can’t find anywhere else–AKA, they’re as rare as the dinos in Jurassic Park!

    So, what are you waiting for–the park to actually open? Stock up on your gotta-have-’em dino supplies before you see Dominion (or before you restart the series for the 35th time)–shop while supplies last (you don’t want them to go extinct, right?).