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Official IT Movie Merchandise

Hey there Georgie—err…we mean, hey there, IT fanatics. If you're looking for the best-of-the-best IT apparel, merch, accessories, collectibles, and more, then follow the red balloon all the way over to BoxLunch.

We've got the must-have collection of the IT merchandise you've always wanted, to fully rep your love for that tricky dancing clown. Whether you're all about the mysterious and evil reign of Pennywise over the town of Derry (and fully encourage him to emerge from the sewer, yet again), or you'll always throw your support behind that rag-tag group of kiddos determined to doom him back to hell (we see you out there, Losers' Club), there's a collectible, T-shirt, game, and more on the BoxLunch site that's made specifically for you.

Trying to rep your Pennywise love in a real, obvious way? Check out our IT Mega Talking Pennywise Collectible (at 15” tall it sings, it dances, it terrifies all) if you need a daily reminder that we all float down here. More interested in showing off your Losers' Club love? There's a Funko Pop! IT vinyl figurine for all of your favorite losers (from Beverly to Ben to Bill to a fun blind box with a surprise mix of characters). Whether you want to rock your IT love in a subtle way (like a Funko Pop! Pennywise vinyl keychain) or share your IT obsession with everyone, there's a BoxLunch item here for every IT lover!