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  • Hocus Pocus Decor, Merch, Hoodies, Sweatshirts & Gifts

    It’s not all a bunch of Hocus Pocus. Well, actually, it quite literally is. But we think this is the kind of Hocus Pocus you can get into. Fans, whether you’ve been obsessed with the Sanderson Sisters since the first movie dropped or you’re just getting into the spirit of All Hallows Eve things with the release of Hocus Pocus 2, this collection is for you! 

    This collection is one you can certainly flip your cauldron full of witches’ brew for. Meet the BoxLunch Disney Hocus Pocus selection–a curated collection of all the must-have Disney Hocus Pocus merch, accessories, apparel, collectibles, and stuff that's a total must. This selection is the perfect scroll-through collection before you watch Hocus Pocus 2 (or binge the first one again and again in preparation). This collection is yours for the taking–It's all accessible right now, no witch’s broom required. Check out our Hocus Pocus-approved tees, backpacks, novelty items, sweaters, long sleeves, home decor, and so much more. 

    Your Hocus Pocus-obsessed selves can sift through at will. So, are you ready to run amuck amuck amuck in our collection? Now's the time to start shopping! (No need to put a spell on you, we think this is one you’ll scroll through wringing). 

    Want our opinion on what's worth an add-to-bag click? Take a peek at pieces that are perfect for your Hocus Pocus (1, 2, or both) obsession. Check out must-have merch like our Cakeworthy Disney Hocus Pocus Amuck Amuck Amuck Flannel, our Disney Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Embroidered Cuff Beanie, our Loungefly Disney Hocus Pocus Chibi Characters Small Wallet.

    What about those things you need before the 2022 Hocus Pocus sequel drops? Yep, we’re talkn our Disney Hocus Pocus Tarot Card Long Sleeve T-Shirt. What about a tee that screams your love for all three Sanderson sisters–Mary, Winifred, and Sarah, of course–and Billy Butcherson? Our Hocus Pocus tee options (like our  Disney Hocus Pocus Mary Dress Cosplay Womens T-Shirt  or our Disney Hocus Pocus Rip Billy Mineral Wash T-Shirt) are perfect wearables for the upcoming Hocus Pocus 2 sequel! 

    Looking for something to really get your cauldron boiling? We’ve got the perfect list of must-haves for you! Peep fan faves like our Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game, our Disney Hocus Pocus Witchy Hair Clip Set, our Disney Hocus Pocus The Sanderson Sisters Cauldron Mini Backpack, or even our Disney Hocus Pocus Broom Squad Throw Blanket. 

    The best part about our collection? It’s filled to the cauldron’s brim with BoxLunch exclusives. That means you’ll find unique, one-of-a-kind items here that you can’t possibly find anywhere else. And that’s quite the treat in our opinion–no tricks! Grab your ancient spell book, your (talking) black cat, and the pointiest witch hat you can find–this collection is ready for the taking. 

    What are you waiting for–a glorious Fall morning to make you sick? Get to scrolling through the BoxLunch Disney Hocus Pocus Collection ASAP.