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Fruits Basket Accessories, Hoodies, Plushies, Figures, Merchandise & Shirts

Where does your happiness come from? If you're anything like Tohru Honda with her sweet, compassionate spirit, then it probably comes from the kindness of those around you–but, um, if you're anything like us at BoxLunch, then your happiness def comes from finding all the best Fruits Baskets merch, apparel, accessories, and goodies.

You heard us right, BoxLunch presents the must-scroll, gotta-shop Fruits Basket Collection, a seriously stocked selection of merch, fan faves, and must-haves all dedicated to your all-time encompassing obsession with the best manga-anime combo out there, Fruits Basket.–This collection is filled to the brim with the Fruits Basket stuff you've always wanted.

From awesome wardrobe staples like our Fruits Basket Group Photo Women's T-Shirt or our Fruits Basket Trio Tie-Dye Hoodie (both BoxLunch exclusive items) to adorable accessories like our Fruits Basket Yuki Sohma Rat Figural Earrings ( another BoxLunch Exclusive), we're willing to bet you'll find everything you need for your Fruits Basket obsession in this collection.

So, c'mon fans, why are you delaying this shopping spree? The BoxLunch Fruits Basket Collection is waiting for you!