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  • $47.92 is sales price, the original price is $59.90
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  • Dragon Ball Merch, Shirts, Figures, Apparel, and Gifts

    If you're a Dragon Ball Z fan, you better believe that this is the absolute luckiest day of your life. No, no, no–you're not about to go Super Saiyan (well, probably not, anyway, we don't know your life), but you have happened upon the next best thing. We'd go so far as to say it's the best, but, c'mon, an advanced transformation into the Saiyan race is like, sort of unbeatable to us (and we’re sure to a super fan like you, too). 

    Fans, meet the pride and joy of BoxLunch’s anime shop, our Dragon Ball Z Collection. This cult classic collection has been carefully curated and mindfully selected to feature page after page (after page!) of the most legendary OFFICIAL Dragon Ball Z merch you've ever laid your eyes on. Yep, we said OFFICIAL in all caps–that’s how truly official we are! 

    To paraphrase Goku, we'll go one step further (because we want to) and say that at BoxLunch, we've got some of the most exclusive Dragon Ball Z fan favorites, collectibles, apparel, décor, and more! What makes our stuff so special? It’s all great, of course, but if you search through our selection, you’ll find tons of BoxLunch exclusives–AKA, items you won’t find shopping anywhere else! 

    Rock a Dragon Ball Z Capsule Corporate Soccer Jersey (a BoxLunch Exclusive, by the way) to make your allegiance known, file away your cash, cards, and more in a Dragon Ball Z Goku Kanji cardholder (also a BoxLunch Exclusive), all while repping Goku's signature colors. Hoping to find the best Dragon Ball Z tee out there? We’ve got you covered there, too. Check out our Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi T-Shirt, our Dragonball Z Capsule Corp T-Shirt, or even our Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Panel T-Shirt. 

    Looking to find the best-of-the-best Dragon Ball Z apparel? Check out our Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Katakana Motocross Jersey (a BoxLunch exclusive item, by the way), our Dragon Ball Z Bulma Pink Women's Short Sleeve Hype Jersey (another exclusive item), or even our Dragon Ball Z Cell Games T-Shirt (you better believe it’s an exclusive-to-BoxLunch item, of course). 

    Seeking out some other anime merch for other areas of your life? No matter your anime niche, we’ve got you covered. Peep our enormous anime collection to find your all-time faves, or explore smaller, curated shops like our Naruto, Demon Slayer, and Studio Ghibli selections.