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Coraline Merchandise, Clothing & Accessories 

Coraline Jones may have always dreamed of finding a better world, but Coraline fans always dreamed of finding a better Coraline collection–and even though things didn’t necessarily work out for Coraline, they have definitely worked out for Coraline fanatics like you. Fans, come one come all to the best of the best BoxLunch Coraline collection. Our selection of Coraline must-haves is complete with the gotta-have merch, apparel, accessories, gifts, and so much more. The only thing missing? Button eyes, of course. 

No, we’re not opening a portal to The Other World (we wish), but this is basically the next best thing outside a pocket dimension in Pink Palace Apartments. This collection is comprised of the Coraline goodies you’ve always dreamed of–Coraline hoodies, Coraline accessories, Coraline home decor, and beyond! To paraphrase Cat, you probably think this collection is a dream come true, and you’re right. Shop all-time fave pieces and stockpile your Coraline collection now. Not sure how to kick off this shopping spree? Take a peek at faves like our Coraline Dragonfly Collared Women's Cardigan, Coraline Characters Series 2 Blind Bag Figural Bag Clip, Coraline Cute as a Button Infant One-Piece, or even our Coraline Tunnel Portrait T-Shirt. 

So, no, as much we wish we could, we can’t take you to the parallel place where the Others exit, but we can help you enter a full-fledged Coraline merch dimension where all your faves (and then some) await. P.S., don’t forget to watch out for BoxLunch exclusive items in this collection. These one-of-a-kind must-have merch items can’t be found anywhere else (not even in The Other World, believe it or not!) So get your shoppin’ engines going, superfans–your can’t-live-without Coraline stuff is waiting for you.