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Squid Game Shirts, Merchandise, Accessories, and More!

Survive or die–who will live to see unfathomable wealth? Actually, we've got a better question–who's willing to do what it takes to survive to shop BoxLunch's Squid Game Collection. OK, calm down, we're just playin'–there are no survive-or-die kiddie games you need to live through to give this selection a scroll.

Nope, the BoxLunch Squid Game Collection is for anyone and everyone, but especially for the Squid Game superfans who've been watching this Netflix Korean drama over and over since it started streaming.

To sort of cancel out what Deok-Su says, this def isn't hell–and the only rule is to start scrolling through the collection ASAP and shop till you drop (but like, don't actually drop dead, K? You want to know who wins the Squid Game, right?)

Our one-stop-Squid-Game-shop offers you the merch, apparel, accessories, and more beyond that you need before you start streaming the Squid Game for the second (or third) time.

From tanks, tees, and apparel that are sure to elevate your wardrobe (and say a thing or two about your fandom) to must-have collectibles and accessories that are sure to show your Squid Game love, this collection has a little bit of everything for every Squid Game lover out there.

One scroll through and you'll find the fan-fave merch you need to watch 456 players living on the edge with debts they can't pay off. You know what you won't find here? Spoilers. Survive or die, friends.