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  • Sanrio Shirts, Hoodies & Clothing 

    Hey, Sanrio fans–yeah, we're talking to you. We've got a sweet surprise up our sleeve, and trust us, it's one that every true Sanrio fan is sure to love. If you've got a thing for Keroppi, Cinnamoroll, Hello Kitty & Friends, and more, this shop is sure to please. Meet the BoxLunch Sanrio collection–your one-stop, go-to shop that's overflowing with the cutest carefully curated items ever. Consider this adorable online warehouse that’s filled to the brim with collectibles, merchandise, apparel, accessories, home décor, and little fan favorites, all dedicated to the one and only Sanrio brand.

    In the past, it's been hard to get a cuteness fix when you needed it. But with BoxLunch's Sanrio selection, you're just a few scrolls and a click or two away from a snuggle-worthy, can't-live-without-it Sanrio fave repping the cutie pie characters you love. From merch, gifts, and collectibles to apparel, accessories, and costumes, our selection is sweetly saturated with Sanrio gifts you simply can’t find anywhere else.  

    From Sanrio Pompompurin Pumpkin Costume Cosmetic Bags and Sanrio My Melody Figural Ears Headbands to Sanrio Hello Kitty & Friends Halloween Costumes Group Portrait Turtleneck Crewneck and Sanrio Cinnamoroll Beaded Phone Wristlets, we've got everything you need to sweeten your Sanrio selection. 

    That little line we threw in earlier about Sanrio merch you can't find anywhere else? Yeah, that was the real deal. Every BoxLunch collection is saturated with something special–a little bonus called the BoxLunch exclusive. Any item with this tag is a one-of-a-kind sort of deal. That means you could search high and low, near and far, and you'd never find another item like this one for sale on the interweb. 

    So, with that knowledge, Here’s a quick hint to help your shopping search: when you see a Sanrio BL exclusive, snag it! You’re not the only Sanrio fan out there, after all.

    Wanna get a specific Sanrio shopping spree going? We've got a subcollection or two within to help with your search (becasue we know what it's like to be a very specific fan). Take a peek at our Hello Kitty shop to snag some specific faves!