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Funimation Merchandise, Apparel, & Gifts

Funimation fans, we've finally got the first-rate, fundamental selection you've been fervently dreaming about–the BoxLunch Funimation Collection. We're proud to present you with the Funimation favorites that shaped your childhood, your love for anime, and the spring in your step–from My Hero Academia to Dragon Ball Z to Cowboy Bebop and beyond!

The best news? Our Funimation must-have and fan-favorites come in every shape and size! Looking for a subtle way to show off your love for all things Funimation? Check out our One Punch Man Saitama & Garou Throw, our Funko Pop! My Hero Academia Mina Ashido Vinyl Figure, or our Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Kanji Lunch Bag.

Want something a little more on-the-nose to rock your love for the Funimation franchise? Check out our Cowboy Bebop Ein Fashion Face Mask, our My Hero Academia Go Beyond Plus Ultra Holiday Sweater, or even our Fruits Basket Onigiri Mug!

The best part about this collection? Sure, it makes for a great place to find must-have merch for you, but it's also the perfect one-stop-shop for your present needs, too. Got a Funimation anime obsessed pal as your right-hand man (or woman)? You know what to do next! Check out our easy, awesome giftables like our My Hero Academia Enamel Pins, our Dragon Ball Z apparel, or even our My Hero Academia collectibles!

So, what are you waiting for–another Funimation anime to debut? Start scrolling through our collection ASAP to find the festive Funimation faves you've been searching for.