How to earn

Account Completion


Once per account

1. Visit
2. Click Join Now
3. Complete the required field(s)
4. Click “Create account”

Download and Sign into App


Once per account

1. Download the app on iOS or Android
2. Sign into your account on the app

Check-in at store


Once per month

1. Visit any physical BoxLunch Store
2. Use your phone camera to scan the QR code found in the store
3. Click the link that appears
4. Log into your account

Leave a review

20 each

Twice per month

1. Leave a product review for an item you have purchased
2. Email used to leave a product review should be the same as your BoxLunch Rewards account
3. Select 'Yes' to receive loyalty points for your review
4. Product review must be posted on the BoxLunch site

Follow us on social media

20 each

Once per social media account

1. Log into your account
2. Click on the social media link found on the Rewards page

Learn more about BoxLunch Rewards.
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